• Image of Elvira the Sloth

Elvira is an individual. She likes to do life to the beat of her own drum. Unlike most sloths Elvira is incredibly agile and loves to dance. To Elvira life is one long dance, from one moment to the next. Each and every morning to Elvira is a gift. She loves life and it loves her right back. Let Elvira love you too.

Elvira is made of wool felt and she lives on 100% cotton fabric. Elvira's hoop is sealed with a piece of wool felt that has been hand sewn to the back surface to give a professional finish.

Please note that the easel, bunting and grass are for display purposes only and are not included.

Elvira likes to hang on a small hook or nail.

Elvira's personal details.
Born: August 31st 2016
Measurements: The hoop is 4" or 10 cm wide.
Design: The sloth design is by Sewinthemoment and is sock doll inspired.