• Image of Birthday Boy turns one by Sewinthemoment
  • Image of Birthday Boy turns one by Sewinthemoment
  • Image of Birthday Boy turns one by Sewinthemoment
  • Image of Birthday Boy turns one by Sewinthemoment
  • Image of Birthday Boy turns one by Sewinthemoment

Birthday Boy is sew happy that's his Birthday. People had been talking him to him about his Birthday, telling it was coming up. He really had no idea of what they meant. Until you experience the joy of your family singing in harmony and the cheer of them yelling hip hip hooray... you really have no way to anticipate the joy that will be yours.

Birthday Boy loves celebrating. He gets really into Birthdays and knows just what it takes to put value on the Birthday Sweetheart. He always brings his own party hat and cake too. His family introduced him to the excitement that is Birthday Eve. On Birthday Eve it is customary to have one present and a cake with the number of candles from your last Birthday. It is all fun and games when Birthday Boy is around.

Birthday Boy is made from cotton socks and wool felt. He comes with his party hat and cake. He has been sewn to be loved. However supervision should be used with children under 3 years with handmade toys. If he is for a young child, please give B.B. regular health checks for signs of wear and love and remove his hat and cake for play.

Birthday Boy's personal details
Born: 21st June 2016
Height: 11 cm and 4 1/4" (without hat)
Materials: Cotton socks, high quality polyester filling and wool felt.
Pattern: Birthday Boy was made using the Owl Sockdoll pattern.

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"I'm loving the new packaging, it's like they're in their own little house! It's almost too cute to throw away. Hinto is absolutely gorgeous! She is the sweetest, cutest thing ever. I love her to bits! Thanks, Mim."

"This little creature is even more adorable than the picture! So beautifully made and the packaging was very sweet! I absolutely love it!"

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